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About Me There have been times in the last few years when I have been asked (while standing in checkout lines etc.) “Do you know who you resemble”? (I would like to think Mel Gibson or Brad Pitt).

At first I was aghast to think I looked anything like Santa, but as time went on learned this was a gift I could share, and maybe make a difference in some child's life.

It's my goal to make this website a place you can come visit often with your children, to view some Santa photos and have some fun, rather than making it a flat-out solicitation as a "Santa for hire site" (although that's on my list too), or to sell product, (yes, I do that too).

So please, take some time to browse the site and feel free to offer suggestions or ideas that will make this a great website!

You can click on the Contact Claus link to send your ideas and suggestions, or to just say “hi,” or “ho ho ho."

Mrs. Claus and I will be looking forward to hearing from you!